Parent Teacher Conferences

Dear Students and Parents:

Parent teacher conferences at Honesdale High School will be conducted virtually through Zoom on Thursday, November 19, 2020 in 10-minute blocks from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, and from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. You will need to download the Zoom app to a cell phone, tablet, or computer with audio and video capability. To sign up for parent teacher conferences at HHS, we are using Our teachers have posted their links in our students’ Google Classrooms. Each teacher has his/her own unique link. Please communicate with your child to get the links for his/her teachers. When you go to, you will not need to establish an account or password. You will simply need an email address. will not share your email with any other party. You will need to sign up for each teacher individually. Please sign up for only one spot per student per teacher. Any parent who needs more than 10 minutes for a conference is asked to please set up a time on another day to continue the conversation with the teacher.

We realize that we need parental support to do the best possible job of educating our youth. You can supply us with information about your child that can help us in teaching, and teachers can offer suggestions on how you can help your child succeed. Please refer to your child’s report card during your virtual meeting. Here are some suggestions for making your conference successful:

1.) Determine what you can tell the teacher about your child. There are things you know that can help the teacher better understand him/her.

2.) Feel free to ask questions. Some examples are:

A. What specific objectives are being studied?

B. What is expected in class participation and homework?

C. What types of quizzes and tests are used?

D. How is my child evaluated?

E. What are the rules of the class?

F. How does my child behave in class?

The teacher may also have some questions. Be prepared to discuss such areas as the following:

1.) Your child’s reaction to school

2.) Health and emotional issues

3.) Special interests and abilities

4.) Study habits at home

5.) Types of structure that work best

After the conference, you should have a discussion with your child. Please point out the positive areas and strengths, and then talk about any areas that may need improvement. Decide on a course of action to help your child succeed. Feel free to call the school if you think another conference is needed. Impress upon your child that we are working together so that he or she will be successful.

Keystone Testing will take place in the spring. The testing window is May 17-28, 2021. Each exam consists of 2 modules. Students will be required to take each exam more than once if necessary to attain a passing score. Once students attain a passing score, they are no longer required to retest. Successful completion of Keystone Testing is a graduation requirement.

If you have any questions, please contact us at HHS at 570-253-2046.

Mr. Pietraszewski
Honesdale High School