The Wayne Highlands School District is CLOSED on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

SAT Information 9-26-2020


Students should arrive by 7:15 am
Doors to testing center will open at 7:30 am
Students are required to wear a face mask or face shield
Registration will begin at 7:30 am
Testing will begin at 8:00 am

Students must bring with them::

  • Registration form - already printed out - computers/printers will not be available
  • 2nd form of photo identification - driver's license, school ID or photo ID card
    2 or more
  • #2 Pencils - mechanical pencils are not permitted by College Board
  • Calculator

Cell phones and Apple watches are not permitted in the testing area. Students should leave cell phones and Apple watches in their car. If you need to bring a phone to call your ride after testing is done, you will be asked to leave your cell phone in our Main office and collect it when dismissed from testing.

Students may bring snacks/drinks. During the allotted break times, students will be allowed to remove their masks to eat and drink.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Wagner in our Guidance Office (570) 253-2046 x 1024.