Board of Directors

The Wayne Highlands School District Board of Education is comprised of nine school directors representing three regions of approximately equal population. Region I includes Scott, Preston, Buckingham, Manchester and Damascus Townships. Region II includes Honesdale Borough, Bethany Borough, Lebanon and Dyberry Townships. Region III includes Texas, Cherry Ridge, Berlin, and Oregon Townships, and Prompton Borough.

School Board Members include: Mr. George Korb, Board President, Mr. Brian Weist, Board Vice President,
Mr. Thomas Fasshauer, Mrs. Kathleen Grandjean, Mr. Lothar Holbert, Mr. Frederic Diehl, Ms. Gina Pritchard,
Mr. James B. Rutherford, and Mrs. Heather Stephens.

Mr. Gregory Frigoletto, Superintendent, Mr. Timothy Morgan, Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Jeffrey Firmstone, Business Manager, and Mrs. Diane Mott, Board Secretary.

Meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of each month with Committee Meetings held on the second Tuesday. All meetings are held in the District Office Board Room on Grove Street in Honesdale with the exception of the regular September meeting which is held at the Damascus School, and the regular October meeting held at the Preston School.

Board members can be contacted at 474 Grove Street, Honesdale, PA 18431.

Board Member Term Ends Region
Thomas Fasshauer 2021 Region I
Lothar Holbert 2023 Region I
Tanya Gibbs-Hinkley 2021 Region I
George Korb 2023 Region II
Gina Pritchard 2023 Region II
Brian Weist 2023
Region II
Kathleen Grandjean 2021 Region III
James B. Rutherford 2023 Region III
Heather Stephens 2021 Region III

Board of Director's District Contact Information

Board of Director.................................. E-Mail
Mr. Thomas Fasshauer
Mrs. Tanya Gibbs-Hinkley
Mrs. Kathleen Grandjean
Mr. Lothar Holbert
Mr. George Korb
Ms. Gina Pritchard
Mr. Jamie Rutherford
Mrs. Heather Stephens
Mr. Brian Weist