Penny Wars Contest

Penny Wars

The results are in for the Penny Wars Contest. This is a Class B Contest for Spirit Week, worth 50-40-30-20 points for the classes.

First, let me say that an unbelievable amount of money was raised to benefit the less fortunate in our community. Students, faculty, and staff contributions was $2318.35. This is a phenomenal amount of money, and it goes to a worthy cause, brightening the Holidays for those whose holidays would otherwise be gloomy. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of those who participated. I am proud that we did not lose sight of the ultimate goal and that our motivation stayed mostly clear.

Having said that, we do keep score. Remember that pennies were credited on the plus side, while silver and bills were credited on the negative side. So, here are the results:

In 4th place, with a grand total of $-455.63, the hacks were out for the SILVER SOPHOMORES. The sophomores had $126.32 to the good, but were attacked by the hacks from the other classes with $306.95 in silver, and $275.00 in bills. This earns 20 points for the sophomores.

In 3rd place, with a grand total of $-288.73, it is the SLINGIN' SENIORS, who had $80.07 in pennies, but a combined $368.80 in silver and in bills which SUNK the SENIOR SHIP. The seniors come away from the contest having earned 30 points.

In 2nd place, with a grand total of $-257.63, let's give it up for the JAMMIN' JUNIORS. The total deposit of the juniors was $1047.57, with an astounding 39,497 pennies, but also with $652.60 in silver and bills. The juniors net 40 points for Spirit Week.

First place, with a grand total of $-51.36, goes to the VERY FRESH FRESHMEN. They had the smallest amount of pennies accumulated for each class (only $31.14), but the other classes did not attack them as they attacked each other. Their silver and bills totaled $82.50, and they slept their way to a first place finish. The freshmen pick up 50 points towards their totals.