Graduation Requirements

1. Course Completion: In order to graduate, all students must successfully complete the following:

4 Courses in English

4 Courses in Social Studies (Including Civics and Government / Economics)

3 Courses in Mathematics

3 Courses in Science (Including Biology)

4 Courses in Physical Education (8 semesters)

2 Courses in Health

1 Course in Driver Education

Electives to meet graduation requirements: (2 of which must be in Arts & Humanities)

2. All students must meet the following requirements in order to be promoted:

to become a sophomore - 4 credits

to become a junior - 9 credits

to become a senior* - 15 credits

to graduate - 21 credits

* A student may be placed in a senior homeroom if he/she has scheduled the proper subjects to be eligible for graduation at the end of that current year.

3. In order to graduate from high school, a student shall complete a graduation project under the guidance and direction of high school faculty. Compliance procedures have been developed by the high school administration.4. Independent Study: Students may elect to complete two (2) of the above courses by way of independent study under the following conditions:

• Students could complete only one per major subject area.

• Students would apply for the independent study option by May 1 of the preceding school year. Application would include parent permission.

• Final approval of application would rest with the high school principal.

• Any costs associated with an Independent Study Course are the responsibility of the student.

5. Other education experiences will be considered. It is the intent of options (3) and (4) that students not shorten their school day or school year. Rather by selecting these options, students will have more time in school to pursue other courses of interest or time to complete their work under these two (2) optional selections.